Annual Georgia Tech Bad Design Contest

Turn your frustrations into cash!

  • Can’t figure out whether to push or pull the doors open in Clough?
  • Why do the University House exterior stairs cut off before they reach the top?
  • Why is OSCAR so frustrating?
  • Why are the Woodruff shower handles backwards so you always burn or freeze yourself?
  • Which Peachtree is the right Peachtree to get where you’re going?

Here’s your chance to vent about all those annoying and poorly designed nuisances you encounter in your daily life. You might even win money with your choice of bad design!

Poster Presentation Date: (Time and Location TBD)


  • 1st place – $250 (Judges Award)
  • 2nd place – $TBD (Student Award)

Winners will be featured on the GT-HFES website. Plus, network with industry judges, add to your portfolio, and see your work in promotional materials!


  • Group submissions are allowed. (One cash prize will be awarded to be split among members.)
  • One submission per person
  • Poster judging will be in person. A no-show will disqualify the submission without a refund.
  • All participants must be Georgia Tech Students


  • This year, the competition will be a poster session!
    • Poster 36″ x 48″ (or 48″ x 36″)
    • File type: ppt or PDF
  • Submissions are judged on content and poster design. Contestants will receive a rubric upon signing up.
    • A sample Georgia Tech Poster template can be found here. 

Submission Information:

  • Title of submission
  • Your name/group member’s names
  • Your email/group member’s email
  • Major/Area of Study
  • Section 1: Problem description
  • Section 2: Proposed solution


  • Professional attire is not required but is strongly recommended.

Deadline Information: 

  • Reserve your poster space and pay your submission fee ($10 per group).
    • Only one group member should submit the poster.
    • The fee must be paid to the HFES chapter treasurer by (DATE TBD) in order to be eligible for the award. The poster submission fee can be paid via cash, check, or Venmo. Contact the HFES chapter treasurer for more information about the poster fee. The poster fee will serve as fundraising for the 2nd place award and for event expenses.
    • An email confirmation will be sent to all presenters. The confirmation will include a judging rubric.
  • Submit your poster by DATE TBD. Only one submission per group is necessary. *SUBMISSION LINK COMING SOON*
  • RSVP to attend! Admission to the event is FREE! All attendees (whether presenting a poster or not) The RSVP will allow event organizers to reserve the appropriate space. You must RSVP in order to vote on your favorite poster! *RSVP LINK COMING SOON*

2017 Winners:

First Place: Jimmy Zhong: Improving the Grading Functionality of T-Square

Second Place: Alex Murphy: Concrete Blind Spot 

Third PlaceSophie Kay: Washing Your HandsShouldn’t Be Confusing: Scheller School of Business

2016 Winners:

First Place: Connie Xie: Stairs to Nowhere

Second Place: Aditi Dhar: To Pull or to Push

Third Place: Marcellus Pleasant: Shiverburn Showers

2015 Winners:

First Place: Teng Shao, Swimsuit Water Extractor

Second Place: Mengqi Chen, Bus Hand-grips

Third Place: Jimmy Zhong, Pedestrian Crossing